Most Popular YouTube Series In India: Rated Top By Many Experts


Most Popular YouTube Series In India: With the changing times & advancements of technology in the field of entertainment, a new trend is set up by the people seeking for more and sure shot entertainment with some fresh, young & creative ideas. This trend of ‘’web series” alter’s the viewers taste who watch the daily soaps that stretched for episodes from their false starting to the coming years.The Web series trend is catching up with the audiences & proves to be falling in the right stride. This trend, which is also called as the shifting Television landscape has led alike tech companies to invest in meaningful web contents.

Most Popular YouTube Series In India


Web series are usually a series of scripted & non-scripted  videos in episodic forms and are released on the internet. A single such episode is called webisode.

One shouldn’t be surprised if we see web series film festivals happening ! The web series has eventually paved its way  to form  a separate platform for itself  which is worth felicitating. Web series is the trend that is catching up with people world wide but let’s have a look at the web series in our very own country.

The web series that would surely match up with your taste buds in the world of entertainment.

Permanent roommates

Most Popular YouTube Series In India

It tells the story of a couple who decides to get married after three years of relationship.The guy comes to India for marriage & decides to get into live in relationship with his GF before solomanising it. The series of incidends that take place there after are hilarious and is spread over two refreshing seasons.

I Don’t watch TV:

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A comedy web series that highlights the life of the actors and actresses in the television industry The lead actors take us on a roller coaster ride showing behind the screen struggle of the daily soap serial actors.


Most Popular YouTube Series In India

Baked is another light hearted comedy web series . Three Delhi University boys come up with an idea of opening a food delivery service to make money. This idea of there’s works but puts them into trouble every time. A must watch !

Girl In The city:

Most Popular YouTube Series In India

The web series revolves around a 21 year old women named Meera Sehgal who  moves to Mumbai to join a Fashion house as a trainee.The entire series shows Meera’s confidence levels being exploited with  the changing days. But she wins it with the flying colors.

Bang baaja Baaraat:

Most Popular YouTube Series In India

The YRF’S presents Bang baaja Baaraat web series that depicts the Indian wedding scenario. It shows How two families in India come under a roof in the name of marriage despite of the opposite and conflicting issues. The couple to get married go through a series of incidents to get married.


Most Popular YouTube Series In India

ALISHA is an interesting fashion detective web series. It narrates the story of a young fashionista who moves to Mumbai after spending her four years in Los Angeles and her struggle to break into the fashion industry.


Most Popular YouTube Series In India

Pitchers, an Indian web series gained lot of popularity for its content. It tells the story of four friends who quit their jobs to come up with there own start up company.

Men The real Victim:

Most Popular YouTube Series In India

The funny, witty & humorous web series that tells how men become victims in the end, in any relationship in the daily situations.The series revolves around a couple who constantly nag each other to prove themselves right.

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