Apply For Aadhar Card Online? Aadhar Card Full Details Here

Apply For Aadhar Card Online

Apply For Aadhar Card Online:- One thing that our Government is more serious about is Aadhar Card. And after the recent demonetisation by the BJP Government having a Aadhar is a big deal now. So, if you are one of them who had not yet applied for Aadhar Card, this post on Apply For Aadhar Card Online will be very useful to you. Here we are sharing everything you need to know for applying a Aadhar Card online along with the various purpose you can make use of Aadhar Card.

Now a days Aadhar card has been the most important document for Indian citizen. If you had not applied for it then let me tell you it’s very easy to Apply For Aadhar Card Online. Today we are going to tell you how to apply for Apply For Aadhar Card Online if you haven’t applied yet.

Update: Recent announcement by government has confirmed that  Aadhar and E-aadhar card can be taken as proof of date of birth+ while applying for passports, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) announced recently.

Before it was compulsory submit their birth certificates as proof of date of birth. New rules rules now includes the Aadhar card as acceptable proof of DOB. The passport application form now requires the applicant to provide the name of father or mother or legal guardian, that is, only one parent and not both.

Full information regarding Apply For Aadhar Card Online


Most of us think that getting a Aadhar card is very tough, but it is wrong, it’s a very simple process. Today we are going to tell you how you can apply for your Aadhar card. You can find more information on official website- or

What is Aadhaar Card?

It is a compulsory document in India now with 12 digit number. Aadhar Card are only issued to Indian citizens. The main purpose of unique identification to have unique identity. After applying for this Aadhaar, you will get UIDAI for every individual who enrols for it.

Important details like Biometrics which includes Fingerprints, Photograph, Iris scan will be gathered from the citizen to create unique identity for them. Any member of the family can apply for Aadhaar Unique ID number. Using that UIDAI number printed on Aadhar card it can be used either online or offline. Using this 12 digit unique number, it is possible to fetch the records or details of the particular individual. Further, used up for verification of identity.

Aadhar card can be used anywhere in India. Poor people will get benefited with this card than normal one. This document is also very beneficial as a proof of identity while opening a bank account, booking e tickets, in passport verification etc. In other words, it makes your life simpler.

Aadhar card is valid for lifetime. The one who applied for it will get benefited with the terms fixed by UIDAI.

Process for Apply For Aadhar Card Online

Applying for Aadhar card is very easy way to process. Follow our below steps to Apply For Aadhar Card Online:

  • Go to the nearest Aadhar card enrollment/registration centre.
  • Please don’t forget to bring the necessary documents to the centre, so that you can show your proof to the aadhar card officials.
  • keep in mind that you have at least one identity proof and one residential proof.
  • The operator will click your photo and will take your , scan your finger print and scan you iris.
  • Take your Enrollment slip from the centre.
  • Wait for some days Aadhar will come by post, if you got the message from the aadhar officials then you can download it from internet.
  • You can take color  print out of it for your identity proof.

Process for applying online for Aadhar card


There is no facility for applying Aadhar card online by the government of India. You will have to go to enrollment centre near from your place. There is many enrollment centre in each city in India, you can go there and apply for your Aadhar card. You can visit official website for more queries.

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